iOS 12 Beta Bug Shows Constant Pop Ups to Update Software

Apple’s latest iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 12 is slowly but surely heading towards a stable release. It has been, up until now, one of the most stable iOS betas, with people more or less being happy with the state of the software.

However, the latest version of the iOS 12 beta has been hit with a weird and highly annoying bug where users are constantly being bugged (pardon the pun) by the OS to update their software, even when no software update is actually available.

The issue was first brought to light on Twitter after a number of iOS 12 testers posted about the annoying pop-up, and has received even more attention with more users getting affected by it over time.

The pop up usually appears when the iPhone is unlocked from sleep, although in some cases people are reporting that the pop up is being shown on invoking Control Center, or even in random intervals of time, although those reports haven’t been confirmed yet.

According to iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, the bug is caused by a date/time calculation error in the software.

So far, Apple has not commented on the bug. However, it’s safe to assume the company will push out an update to fix this as soon as possible. iOS 12 was announced back in June during Apple’s developer conference WWDC, and is expected to be made available to everyone post Apple’s September 12 event where we’ll also see the new iPhones and Apple Watch.

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Apple Shares Hit All Time High Ahead of iPhone Launch

Earlier today, Apple sent out press invites to its iPhone launch event on September 12. The event is scheduled to take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple’s new Apple Park campus.

Riding on speculation that the company is gearing up to launch three new iPhones this year, Apple’s share rose up to an all time high of $228 at one point today. The company is widely expected to unveil quite a lot of hardware at the event including the three new iPhones (two of which leaked earlier today), the Apple Watch Series 4 (which also leaked earlier today), along with a new iPad Pro, and refreshed iMac and iMac Pro workstation desktops.

The Cupertino giant is expected to a have a good year with iPhone sales this time around, a speculation further supported by a recent survey that mentioned around 50% iPhone users in the US are looking forward to upgrading their iPhones this time around.

Of the three iPhones that Apple is expected to launch this year, two are rumored to be OLED touting models with a 5.8-inch and a 6.5-inch displays, and will probably also come in gold colors as suggested by the leaked image from today, and the fact that Apple had sought permission from the FCC to launch gold color variants of its iPhones. The company is expected to launch a third iPhone with an LCD screen with an aggressive pricing expected to start at $699.

Recently, US investor Warren Buffet also said that he has purchased even more of Apple’s stock, and expressed his opinions on the pricing for the iPhone X. He said that the iPhone was “enormously underpriced” seeing as it is indispensable for so many people.

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Haier Launches IoT-Enabled Smart Laundry Service in India

Chinese consumer electronics company, Haier, has announced the installation of a ‘Smart’ laundry service at the Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University. The company claims that it is the first-of-its-kind laundromat service in India, and will cater to all registered students on the campus.

The technology behind the service is based on Haier’s IoT Laundry Platform which was originally unveiled at the Appliance and Electronics World Expo (AWE) 2018 in Shanghai back in March, and is believed to be the industry’s first.

According to Haier, the new service incorporates a fully automated process that can be controlled using a mobile app called ‘Haier Wash’ that is available for free on the Google Play Store. All washing machines that are part of the system are reportedly connected to the cloud, and users will be able to reserve, schedule, monitor and pay for their laundry through the app.

The Haier Wash app will also remind users to take their clothes out of the machine once the washing is over, and will maintain a complete record of their past usage, providing an end-to-end digitally-managed laundry experience, says the company.

The machines at the smart laundromat also feature a specially-developed double sterilizing feature to ensure proper hygiene. To avoid cross pollution and bacteria transmission, the company says the new machines are equipped with ozone sterilization and high-temperature sterilization.

Commenting on the new venture, Haier Appliances India’s President, Mr. Eric Braganza, expressed hope that the new technology will help users maintain a timeline for their laundry needs and bring ease and convenience to their washing experience. According to him, “This initiative is a step towards providing high tech, hassle-free laundry solution to today’s millennials who are fast adopters in this hyper-connected age”.

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Chinese Intelligence Officials Go Headhunting on LinkedIn to Spy on US

Back in December last year, India’s Intelligence Bureau revealed that some Chinese apps such as SHAREit come installed with spyware, prompting the Defence Ministry to issue a directive telling military personnel to delete such apps. While SHAREit and other companies refuted the accusations back then, a new espionage scandal against China has now raised its head.

William Evanina, chief of the U.S. counter-intelligence division has told Reuters that Chinese intelligence agencies are trying to recruit Americans with access to government files and military secrets using fake LinkedIn accounts. US intelligence and law enforcement officials have informed LinkedIn about the serious issue, and the company has acknowledged it too.

Evanina added that LinkedIn ‘makes for a great venue for foreign adversaries to target not only individuals in the government, formers, former CIA folks, but academics, scientists, engineers, anything they want. It’s the ultimate playground for collection.’

However, neither LinkedIn nor the US intelligence agencies have revealed the scale of spy recruitment operation conducted by the Chinese intelligence agencies. Also, no details about the number of fake accounts and the specific Americans contacted for espionage have been disclosed so far. Paul Rockwell, LinkedIn’s head of trust and safety, confirmed that the Microsoft-owned company has been in touch with US law enforcement organizations regarding the espionage efforts of Chinese intelligence agencies on LinkedIn.

As per Reuter’s report, Chinese intelligence agencies are targeting people with access to military secrets and government files as well as experts in multiple fields such as nuclear physics, supercomputing, nanotechnology, healthcare, stealth technology and green energy among others. The headhunting for recruiting an American as a spy includes government officials, intelligence officers, scientists as well as students.

The Chinese intelligence officials reportedly contact their targets using fake LinkedIn profiles and offer rewards such as a business proposal, academic co-operation and an all expenses paid trip to China among others. China’s foreign ministry, on the other hand, has denied the accusations, calling them nonsense and having ulterior motives.

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Journalists Asked to Register WhatsApp Group or Face Action in UP District

WhatsApp has recently been faced with a ton of criticism for not being able to contain the spread of false stories and hoxes in India. The condition has only worsened over the past few weeks and the Lalitpur district administration now plans to keep the journalists on a leash by requiring them to register WhatsApp Groups with the IT department.

As per an August 25 order, signed by Lalitpur District Magistrate Manvendra Singh and superintendent of police OP Singh, journalists will now have to dole out info on all of their media WhatsApp groups. It further adds that those who fail to comply with the same could face legal action under the IT act.

The journalists will need to fill up and submit a registration form, demanding the name, address (with proof) and Aadhaar card, to the Information Department office. They will then have to disclose info on all their media-related Groups, along with the number of members as on August 31st.

The group admins will have to submit a photograph, along with their WhatsApp number.

whatsapp journalists

While this surely appears to be in violation of the freedom of speech, the district admin defends itself saying the order has been issued in the ‘right earnest’ and will help curb the spread of fake news. The District Magistrate in a statement said,

The move has been appreciated by most of the people. It should only be seen as an attempt to check fake news and curb anti-social elements indulging in rumor mongering in the garb of journalists.

While admin wants the masses to believe that the order will end the spread of fake news and is being appreciated by everyone, well, that’s not the case. The directive hasn’t been received well by journalists, who are said to have closed the existing groups to avoid the same.

They are also calling out the administration as the order impeaches on freedom of speech and expression. This order is currently restricted to Lalitpur, just one district in Uttar Pradesh, however, several journalists are worried that the government could enforce this dictum across the state, which is just disappointing.

What are your views on this order? Is the Lalitpur district right in enforcing such stringent measure to curb fake news? Let us know in the comments below.

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